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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Self Defense are for everyBODY. You are NOT too old, too out of shape or too inexperienced to get started. Here at MAC, we have a positive environment of women encouraging each other. It’s not a race to top… it’s a journey, and we are here to help you along the way!

Enjoy learning new things, challenging yourself, finding a new supportive tribe and having fun! 

Key Features about our women's program

Women's Empowerment program

Mean Girl Project

find out more about our upcoming self defense course.
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Amy Murphy

BJJ Purple Belt | HERO 2 Certification | ICSU Assistant Instructor | Muay Thai

From Mom to Martial Artist

My journey started in 2016 as a stay at home mom with 4 young girls. I never wanted fear to keep me from taking my kids on fun outings by myself. When I found out about some self defense classes being offered, I jumped at the opportunity! Until this point, I had never really done sports or any martial arts, even as a kid growing up.

In Order to Save Others, You Must First Learn to Save Yourself

For many years, I battled with depression and anxiety silently. In fact, early in my marriage I sought help at the doctor's office, only to not be taken seriously and told to "go shopping" which led me to hide away my feelings from everyone. It was bad enough that I often struggled even just going shopping and attending events. At fun activities with my children, I couldn't relax and enjoy the moment because my mind was filled with worry and I battled panic attacks daily.

My first self defense class was both physically challenging and lit a fire inside of me! By learning techniques to protect myself, I was gradually becoming more and more confident. I was nervous about front rolling and actually cried the first time I got choked! Those were the first, but not the last set of tears.

As the time passed I was growing both physically AND mentally. There is just something about feeling prepared for anything, that brings a sense of calm to your mind and spirit.

I was Hooked

Self Defense was the first stepping stone in my journey, but it didn't stop there. I eventually added Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to my repertoire, and I am currently a purple belt. It's a sport that requires not only physical strength and skill, but I love the mental aspect of it! Constantly trying to keep one step ahead of your training partner is both challenging and really fun. Muay Thai followed shortly after, and I am so thankful to be able to keep training in that discipline. It's a great workout and my teammates are all so amazing.

My Mission

While training hasn't erased all my struggles, it has been a HUGE part of helping to tame them and giving me back control of my life. The impact martial arts has made for me, inspires me to give back to other women. I'm determined to let other moms, sisters, aunties and grandmothers know that they are not too old or too out of shape to get started. You deserve to take care of and be able to protect yourself. We can't truly care for and protect others, until we take that power into ourselves first.

I started training for my kids, but I keep training because I am worth it.

Women ONLY classes

Women Only BJJ classes

Find us gathered on the back of gym on the mat by striking bags.

Mean Girl Project

New session starting February 20th!!
Level 1: Tuesday 7:45pm
Level 2: Tuesday 3pm

Current Classes

Mean Girl Project- Level 1
Day and time is not set just yet. But most likely will be Thursday nights after jiu jitsu adult class.

Q & A

Absolutely Not!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Self Defense are for everyBODY. Come as you are and the rest will follow.

Water, comfortable workout clothes, gi & belt (for BJJ), gloves & shin pads (for Muay Thai), sweat towel and a positive attitude!

For sure!

We offer a FREE TRIAL WEEK. Every gym has its own “feel” and we want to make sure ours is the right fit for you.

And don’t worry about gear! We have loaners gis, shin guards & gloves that you can borrow.

Our classes are great for all age groups!

While we do not offer childcare at this time, kids are welcome to stay in our highly visible seating area, located right beside the mats. Snacks, books or even homework can keep them occupied for the duration of your class. 

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