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Muay Thai, which translates to Thai Boxing, has origins back to the Siamese period in Thailand. This fighting style was developed from traditional Muay Boran which was used in ancient combat by the Thai army. The term Muay Boran actually covers all the different combat variations during that time.  Because this fighting style was used directly in hand to hand combat, you will find that many techniques do not cross over into Muay Thai due to its lethal nature.

 With the introduction of gloves, time limits and standard rule sets, Muay Thai grew in popularity and by the late 20th century. had spread to many countries around the world.  It is often referred to as the “Art of 8 Limbs” due to its usage of 8 points of contact. 


Manuel "Manny" Gonzalez

Muay Thai | MMA

My beginnings

When I was 16 years old, I started renting UFC tapes and fell in love with it. Of course mma was diferent back then. It was each individual style facing each other. I grew up watching it evolve into what it is today. It was something that I had always wanted to try.

My Start in Muay Thai

In 2005 when I lived in Dallas, I searched for an mma gym and found The Lions Den. It was a pretty famous gym and the have a good amount of prominent fighters. I went and decided to start with Muay Thai classes and fell in love with it on day 1.

Moving On Up

I moved to Lubbock a couple years later an began training mma with Walt Bushney and Joel Narbaez under the House of Fight. By 2007 I was assistant coaching and my coaching journey officially began. In 2012, I made the move to Conroe where I started coaching for Iron Mantis and then Premier Striking Club / Presa BJJ Conroe. I tried out retirement from the sport and decided it just wasn't for me and am now the head coach here at MAC Mixed Martial Arts.

Come Join Me

Muay Thai / mma classes are not only geared towards competitors, but are for anyone looking to improve their health and confidence. Everyone is welcome to attend, no matter the experience level. With a very technique oriented class, it is easy for 1st day starters to jump in and learn right alongside the more experienced teammates. If you are looking to compete, there is time set aside, outside of normal class times, to focus more on the fighters, Kid's classes are very technique oriented as well. Teaching proper form is paramount to attaining the muscle memory needed to keep that technique during sparring sessions.

Striking Classes


Classes are designed to accomodate all levels! Beginner’s will be able to jump right in along with our more experienced students.

You will need gloves (both mma style and boxing), along with shin guards. We also recommend a mouth guard.

We do have gloves and shin guards that can be borrowed for trial classes, until you purchase your own set. 

Don’t forget water!

Whatever goals you may have, we are here to support you on the way!

Specific questions regarding competitions and mma fights should be directed to Coach Manny.

While live rounds have many benefits, you do not have to participate in anything you are uncomfortable with.

Our Muay Thai class is great for getting in shape and learning something new without the pressures of competing. 

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Get REIMBURSED for your upcoming match!

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