Fundraising Committee

we are so proud of all our competitors that we want to sponsor you! Less time thinking about the fees associated with competing leaves you more time prepping for your next tournament. Join us!

Fundraising Committee


The goal of the committee is to raise funds to help offset the costs associated with competing for our competition team members. Your Sponsorship donations, along with money raised during events, will directly go towards tournament fees, travel expenses and competition gear.


  • President

    Amy Murphy

  • Event Coordinator

    Joe Murphy

  • Treasurer

    Lauri Mazeikas

  • Secretary

    Brenda Arriaga

  • Sponsorship Coordinator

    Kyle Mazeikas

  • Social Media & Communications

    Jordan Carr

  • Snack Bar Manager

    Manny Gonzalez

  • Alternates

    Richard Villar

Get Sponsored & REIMBURSED for your upcoming match!

How does sponsorship work & how do I get approved?

For Any Further Questions for the committee :

 please contact a member of the committee or we can be reached by email at: or just fill form below.