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Amazing facility and great team / family atmosphere. If you are looking to better yourself and learn a valuable skill (self defense), this is the place.

Justin Overstreet Purple belt - Student

We have been training here for a couple of years and we love it! Instructors are great and I love that the schedule has morning classes, homeschool class and evening classes allowing our whole family to train! I highly recommend women’s class as well, very welcoming group.

Heather Jones Blue Belt Student & Parent

Can not say enough about this gym! From the BJJ classes to striking and Muy Thai the instructors are absolutely the best! Always encouraging and pushing you to give it your best! I highly recommend that everyone should come try them, you get a week free! You will be glad you did!!!

Tammy Gross Student, MMA trainee

Be it you want to get in better shape, looking for a substantial hobby, wanting to learn to better defend yourself or get into the the JiuJitsu/MMA scene this is the place to check on. Great facility, great instructors are great but the bond with your teammates and abundance of people that are willing to make time to help you get wherever it is you're trying to go will be the true prize here.

Jameel Sneed Purple Belt - Student

My oldest son trains here for BJJ and Self Defense and he absolutely loves it! They have a great team of highly-experienced staff who really know what they're doing and are always taking safety into consideration while focusing on building …

William & Tracy Smith Parents

My teen son takes self defense for homeschoolers and evening jiu jitsu classes at MAC. He loves it and has learned a lot. The members are so supportive and encouraging here. Great value and positive experience all around!

Jeremy Box Parents

I have been training at this gym for many years now! It's such an excellent school and so family friendly! Great teachers and great people!

Marisa Wheeler Student and Parent

Great instructors, wonderful people, love training here.

Richard Villar Purple belt - student

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