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Our jiu jitsu and no gi submission wrestling classes teach the foundations of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a structured and interactive manner. The head coaches, all purple belt and higher, bring their experience along with an element of fun to every class. 

Head Instructor

Matt Wilson

2nd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | No Gi Wrestling Instructor

My Introduction to BJJ

I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2008 a few days after my 24th birthday. I had just driven into town after a weekend with a few friends celebrating a few birthdays. The group we met up with had 2 other people that trained Jiu Jitsu at the time. We started talking about they overheard me saying I enjoyed watching MMA. They invited me to come tryout the gym they were at.

That Monday afternoon, I had already forgotten what the gym name was called, so I showed up to a gym that was in the area I remembered they told me it was in. At the time, the jiu jitsu community was so small that everyone within that town knew everyone who trained. Luckily when I walked through those doors, and asked where Natalie and “Cuate” Mark were, they pointed me to a gym down the street to Paragon located on Wooldridge and Airline Rd.

It was there, in that day, I fell in love with the sport. I was asked by the lead coach why I was there, and what I wanted to do. I didn’t know really what to say but say “MMA”. He said try Jiu Jitsu out first.

Early Beginnings

There were several people there I knew already from working at a local bar that would come in. Namely, a guy we called “Little John”. Short guy, maybe 5’5” and 160 lbs. He absolutely wiped the floor with me that first day.

Back then, even living in a high heat high humid place, the thought of an AC running was foreign to the gym. I didn’t know until 4-5 years later that we even had a working AC.

I trained everyday. Lunch afternoon. And if I could get someone to meet me, I’d train in the morning as well. I was addicted to it. It took me about 3 weeks to get my first bout of cauliflower ear. Guess I was in it for life at that point.

I did my first tournament 6 weeks into training because a guy named Gabe vouched for me. He was a guy who would meet me a few times a week to roll. And when I say roll, beat me up for an hour. It was good practice for him to work on things he was trying out.

I lost that tournament. The exact score, I can’t remember, but if I had to guess it would be 16 -2. I got a takedown early in the match. After that, I looked like a guy that had only trained for 6 weeks. But I kept coming.

Moving On Up

Late 2013 l, as a brown belt, I moved to Conroe for work. Training 5-6 days a week. In 2014 I received my black belt. It was pretty quick compared to most journeys. I breathed jiujitsu.

In the middle of 2015, I started my own gym in my garage, with a few people that would come train. Some of who still train with me to this day. Later in the year, we were able to open a 1,700 sqft gym. And the rest is history.

Since then, today we have an even bigger space in the heart of Conroe. I have a partner and coaches in the team now.


Since then, today we have an even bigger space in the heart of Conroe. I have a partner and coaches in the team now. I have been able to be a part of children's jiujitsu journey in to their adult training and belt them through out. Also one of my greatest accomplishments has been belting my own blackbelt students. The legacy lives on and proud to be a part of so many journeys.


What is Jiu Jitsu

If you are new to the sport, you may be asking yourself “What is jiu jitsu anyways?”  

Jiu Jitsu is literally translated from its Japanese origin to mean the gentle art. It has a focus on ground fighting or grappling with a goal of dominating your opponent by subduing or submitting them. While its very beginning origin can be debated, we can all agree that the samurai of feudal Japan were instrumental in its development. 

In the late 1800’s, Jigoro Kano, a student of Japanese Jiu Jitsu, used his experiences and developed his own fighting system, Judo. As a smaller man, Kano emphasized off balancing, throwing and less reliance on strength in crafting his art. 

One of Kano’s students, Mitsuyo Maeda brought Judo to Brazil in the early 1900’s where the Gracie family picked up the sport and honed in on the ground fighting aspect. In the 1920’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as we now know it was born.

Being created for combat, makes this sport perfect for self defense. It combines not only strength and cardio, but is also great for problem solving and learning to keep calm in stressful situations. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu develops confidence and mental toughness.

Many people also enjoy it because it keeps you grounded in the moment. There is no headspace during training to worry about anything other than what is happening in the present.

One of the best reason to train, is the gym family aspect. You end up becoming close to your training partners and develop many friendships not only within your chosen academy, but all throughout the jiu jitsu community.

Come join us and fall in love with the sport like we have!

Our Affiliation

Ares BJJ : Who we are

The Ares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association was created by a group of friends, each with over 15 years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience; Samir Chantre, Osvaldo Queixinho, Alan Moraes and Milton Bastos. We value friendships and principals before business. We agree that in the end of our journey, our friends and family are the ones that will be by our side. 

Our goal is to be a huge family with world wide ties that bring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the next level and change lives. We have a very powerful tool on our hands and we shall show the world. With the right attitude and values, we will spread our sense of community to as many places as we possibly can. There is Ares Bjj associations around the globe and many more to come.

Whether you are an avid competitor with a big competition team or you have a gym focused more on self defense and fitness, we will be there for you.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

14 and up classes


Yes, teenagers and adults welcome.

Water, workout clothes, gi, belt, sweat towel and a positive attitude!

Not for your FREE TRIAL WEEK! 

If you are a fellow BJJ practitioner just dropping by, there is no charge.

For regular visitors, we have a $20 drop-in fee.

Open mats are free for everyone! 

Jiu jitsu is for all ages!

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