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Kid's class

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Jiu JItsu & no gi

Our jiu jitsu and no gi submission wrestling classes teach the foundations of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a structured and interactive manner. The head coaches, all purple belt and higher, bring their experience along with an element of fun to every class. 

Class Main Key Feautures

No one has the right to hurt you

Self Defense

Our self defense program is a mixture of striking and jiu jitsu with practical applications. We help guide the kids to understanding the difference between fighting as a sport and fighting for your life. Along with a heavy focus on how to identify and avoid conflict, we equip kids with the skills needed to feel confident and make sound choices under pressure. 

Class Main Key Feautures

Practice makes Progress

Muay Thai

Our kid’s Muay Thai/ MMA Striking class is a great introduction to the striking arts in a safe and fun environment.

Class Main Key Feautures

Kids Classes


Around the age of 5. They need to be able to follow directions and perform basic physical activities. Some kids are ready early while others may not be. 

Try a free week to see how it goes!

Please bring water, workout clothes, gi & belt (for BJJ and self defense),  a sweat towel, their own striking gear if they have some and a mouth guard. We do have loaner gis and gear available to borrow.

The most important they can bring is a positive attitude!

Your Trial Week is entirely FREE. 

Kids under the age of 14 are $120/month.



We do BJJ tournaments, but no Muay Thai ones at the moment. Talk to the coaches to see if your child is ready. 

Upcoming tournaments are posted at the gym and also announced during classes.

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